Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy is the newly discovered kind of treatment known to be more effective than the other treatments available today. We have heard and read a lot of testimonials from televisions and internet on how effective stem cell treatment help reverse aging to their ailments. But we are not that sure if they are telling us the truth or they are being used by businessmen for publicity to make them earn big profit from this latest medical craze. In this world run by economic system and confusing order of laws we are becoming confuse on which is which, what is real from not and which is the right choice to take for ourselves. In this article we are going to tackle the pros and cons of the most debated part of medical advancement which centers on stem cells. Stem cell information is very significant to us in order to dig deeper and fathom the issues associating stem cell therapy. Human body is made up of cells that function to different parts of the body. Cells are microscopic matters, their performance inside is a big factor on how our body in general performs. They are like human too; they have life stages, life span and susceptible to infections. Cells act like a driver and human is the car; when they are sick they might bump the car and as a human we will set sick as well.
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help the formation of human inside the womb from a simple zygote to fetus. What differ stem cells from the other are they are young, active group of cells and capable to replicate in an enormous level. They are present to all living organisms with cellular structure. Here we can imagine what significant roles stem cells are playing to our body. They are used in the latest medical remedy which is the stem cell treatments. Autism stem cell treatments are products of medical diversities utilizing stem cells. Autism is incurable and there is no known cure to completely eradicate autism but medicines to at least mitigate their restrictive behaviors and increase physical independence are now available. Stem cell treatments are an answer to all patients who are suffering from the dreaded diseases like cancer and tumors. Its advantage has surpassed the very expensive kind of treatments that do not assure healing. From the given facts we can therefore conclude that stem cells help. Stem cell therapy has disadvantage to which centers not really on its effectiveness but by the availability of their sources like embryo. Embryonic stem cell is the most effective and sought after of all stem cell lines because they can become different cells specialized for different organs of the body. This fact is what made stem research hated and criticized as this includes interruption of life formation. Adult stem cells will create cells only to a specific organ. Another disadvantage of stem cell treatment is its accessibility, for now there are few medical institutions offering stem treatment.Finding out the details is the intelligent way to form an opinion, right?

Health Coaching: Changing The Way We Get Healthy

It seems that given enough time almost all things in life will change. Whether it be they change in appearance, change in value, or simply change in definition. And if you’ve surpassed your teenage years you know this all too well. Which depending upon how far past your teenages years you are, your level of first-hand experience will vary. But most people that have made it through their teenage years though, have lived long enough to see a pretty substantial amount of change in the world. Whether it be in fashion, music, or entertainment. You’ve probably also seen a lot of change in the health industry as well when it comes to how we get healthy. From Richard Simmons to Jenny Craig. In more recent years there has been yet another shift in the health industry. Specifically in the area of how people are pursuing getting healthy.

This shift is being spurred on by a variety of factors. Not limited to but including a growing field of coaches. And we’re not talking about the coaches that are teaching your kid’s soccer and football teams on the weekends but rather a different type of coach called a Health Coach. A coach that does so much more than teach you the proper technique for bench press or the appropriate foods to consume throughout your day. These Health Coaches are teaching their clients how to set goals, identify their values, and most importantly of all change their behaviors. After all, the reality is that our behaviors (choices) are directly tied to our overall health. If our behaviors aren’t conducive for healthy living then we will reap the consequences of them. And vice versa, if our behaviors are wise and smart when it comes to things affecting our health then we will reap the rewards of those positive behaviors.

The problem is that many people don’t know how to go about changing their behaviors. They may succeed for a period of time but inevitably fall back in the same rut that they were in before. Or they just simply don’t know how to keep themselves motivated and therefore after a few weeks or months, find themselves back in square one. Gym clubs see this occur every single year in January. People make new year’s resolutions to get healthy and start out extremely motivated. Which is why Gym’s are always extremely crowded in the month of January. But within a short period of time that initial momentum fizzles out and they stop going to the Gym. And many of times it’s not due to lack of desire to become healthier but rather could probably be better attributed to the lack of knowledge they have in knowing how to change the behaviors that are prohibiting them from becoming healthier. That’s where the Health Coach comes in.

Health Coaches are changing the way people get healthy by providing them that knowledge and ability to change their behaviors. And it isn’t coming in the form of textbook knowledge as you would think but rather it’s coming in the form of helping the person to better understand their internal thought process and promoting positive thinking which in turn spawns motivation. That motivation then helps the behavior changes persist not just for a short period of time but permanently. With the end result being a person that is equipped with the necessary knowledge and motivation to maintain healthy behaviors and not just be another new year’s resolution gym member that fizzles out in a few weeks.

By Mark W Thornton

Brain Energy Via BMI Technology

Historically, most scientists and medical researchers have been reluctant to talk about the body’s energetic fields because they’ve ridiculed the notion for so long. Maybe it’s time to stop expecting, or even needing, the “old” science to validate new concepts-or revitalized ancient ones!

Just a few years ago, when trying to help severely disabled people, a Japanese company developed a wheelchair that could be controlled by the user’s brain waves. The announcement kindled a wave of “brain-machine interface” (BMI) devices that clearly demonstrated the energy output of the brain was sufficient to have a direct and visible effect on our material world.

Today, engineers and scientists have taken that technology a step further and are developing wireless neural interfaces-”wifi” for the brain. They have even had success with a “thought-to-speech” device where a person can transmit thoughts and have them translated into synthesized speech.

Users control the machines by concentrating their thoughts on the action they want to take. They think about MOVING FORWARD, or they focus on the words they want to convey. In other words, they hold in their minds their physical intention, and their bio-energetic field translates that intention into action.

Despite the quickly accumulating wealth of research and evidence proving that the human body is a powerful energy system, science has been slow to accept the next logical conclusion: that we have, and can fully develop, our own natural BMI that allows us to control our bodies and surroundings just as directly as the “brain-machine interface” controls the wheelchair.

Concepts of chi, chakras, and prana have been around for millennia, but they have been dismissed as unscientific. They had no place in the scientist’s worldview and definitely not in the realm of medical treatment. We’ve all heard the criticisms called by many names-old wives tales, quackery, crackpot pseudo-science, superstitions.

They can’t admit there’s any validity to the idea of the body’s subtle energy fields. Or, when their own research forces them to admit the power of the mind, they feel it necessary to disguise the concept with terms like psychophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology, and cognitive and affective neuroscience.

It’s time that we be our own scientific research unit, accumulating knowledge with open minds and positive intentions. We need to apply what we learn to our everyday lives and be mindful of the effect our thoughts have on our personal development and health-body, mind, and spirit.

Try this personal experiment: Spend the next five days keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts and intentions. If you find yourself thinking of problems, or dwelling on unpleasant situations, flick your inner mental switch to something else-something with positive implications. After all, if you can’t control your own thoughts, then who can? If you find yourself negative, complaining, or fearful over something or someone, flick the mental switch. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to do this each day, just keep doing it.

Of course, five days of emitting thoughts on a positive frequency may not automatically change your entire being, which is the result of a lifetime of thought transmissions, but you may be amazed at the results you see and feel.

If you make this a habit, you will begin to see that your built-in brain-human interface has cause and effect. Your body and surroundings are capable of responding in remarkable ways. And thankfully, you don’t need electrode implants to make your naturally contained BMI respond!

“Brain-Machine-Interface-BMI showcases the reality of energy field output. It may open scientific minds, or in some cases, may not. Either way, it is exciting to watch the development and progression of BMI. It corroborates the wellness efforts and professional beliefs of many of us who offer alternative healthcare.”

By Terry Rondberg

Why Opt For Osteopathic Medicine

Today, health is the most common concern of an individual. Each one of us wishes to have a strong and healthy body to help us accomplish tasks at home and at work. Apart from that, having a healthy body can also help us enjoy energetic and vigorous activities, which allows us to be fit.

Surely, with these features, individuals can create a better and more exciting future for them. However, there are still instances when individuals may experience unexpected body aches and pains due to stress or perhaps other physical activities that may lead to serious conditions or injuries. With this said, an ideal choice to cater to these issues is to opt osteopathic medicine treatments.

Osteopathic medicine is one of the most frequent options for individuals since it provides wonderful benefits that can help them make their lifestyle better. Listed below are some of the benefits.

Improve your body – Osteopathic medicine is a treatment that utilizes an expert’s hand to perform various techniques and exercises on muscles, joints and nerves. With this, individuals can experience better blood circulation and lymph flow. Muscles, joints and nerves are also relaxed that can help improve your body.

Reduce risks of certain body problems – Osteopaths also claim that these medical treatments also help individuals reduce the risks of certain issues from back, neck and shoulder pains, sciatica, headaches and migraines, muscle strain and spasms, joint injuries, arthritis and sports injuries. This treatment is also used to cater to pre- and post-natal care, which can be very beneficial. In addition, techniques such as soft tissue manipulation or massage, joint manipulation, muscle stretching and contraction, mobilisation and articulation, and therapeutic ultrasound are also used in order to accommodate the needs of patients.

Enhance your performance to accomplish tasks – Other than improving your body and reducing risks of certain conditions, osteopathic medicine also helps individuals perform their tasks easily. This is possible since experts can help improve your posture so you can move and lift things correctly and provide you with the best work-out exercises for in-office treatments.

Boost your recovery – With these treatments and effective techniques, issues that affect your performance can be eliminated. Plus, you are sure that your body can recover easily to provide you with better and stronger physical abilities.

By James Anthony White